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Welcome to the Mick Hughes collection home page.

Photo 1 - Conyngham Road's AD2 is pictured laying over on Aston Quay dressed for the 78A. (16th January 1999)

Photo 2 - Donnybrook based RV496 is pictured at the Esplanade on Bray Seafront operating the Dublin Bus South Coast Tour. (September 2001)

Photo 3 - Conyngham Road's RA228 is pictured crossing the Liffey bridge at Leixlip Co.Kildare. (July 1999).

Photo 4 - Conyngham Road's KD145 is pictured at the front of Heuston Station operating an evening 90 service to Connolly Station. (11th November 1999).

Photo 5 - Ringsend's WV3 is seen laying over at the Square town centre Tallaght. (1999).

Photo 6 - Donnybrook Kit-Kat liveried AD22 is pictured at Bray station operating route 145.

Photo 7 - Clontarf's RA268 is pictured loading at Busarus operating the Irish ferries shuttle service.

Photo 8 - Night shot of Donnybrook's KD358 is pictured on Burgh Quay.

Photo 9 - Summerhill's KC116 in AirLink livery is seen on the Abbey/O'Connell street junction on route 747 to Busaras. (22nd January 1999).

Photo 10 - Summerhill's RV515 also in AirLink livery is pictured outside terminal 1 at Dublin airport. (December 2000).

Photo 11 - Donnybrook's KC29 is seen at the Burgh Quay terminus of route 5. (January 1999).

Photo 12 - Donnybrook's MA14 is pictured out of service at Bray Dart station operating on route 184.

Photo 13 - Conyngham Road's VA10 is pictured layng over at the 78A terminus on Aston Quay. (27th February 1999).

Photo 14 - Donnybrook's AD62 is pictured on Bray Main Street operating a 184 to Kilpedder.

Photo 15 - Phibsboro's P21 is pictured on O'Connell Street operating a 10 to The Phoenix Park.

Photo 16 - Broadstone's AW14 is pictured at Trinity College on the 10 to Belfield.

Photo 17 - Donnybrook's KD363 is seen on route 8 en route to Dalkey.

Photo 18 - Phibsboro KD347 is pictured laying over on Middle Abbey Street.

Photo 19 - Summerhill's 1972 Leyland Atlantean D450 'The Dublin Ghost Bus Tour' is pictured at Christchurch Cathedral.

Photo 20 - Wrights Eclipse demonstrator is seen in the bendi house at Phibsboro garage. (2000.)

Photo 21 - Summerhill's AV121 in AirLink livery is pictured resting at Busaras.

Photo 22 -
Clontarf's KD114 is pictured laying over on Marlborough Street dressed for route 51A to Beaumont Hospital.

Photo 23 - Conyngham Road's StationLink liveried RV517 is photographed loading at heuston Station operating a 90 to Connolly Station.

Photo 24 - A Volvo Plaxton President on demonstration with Dublin Bus is photographed loading at the 46A terminus at Dun Laoghaire.(10/05/00)

Photo 25 -
Daf Dennis Trident demonstrator is seen at Donnybrook Garage. (1999).

Photo 26 - Daf Plaxton L.P.G. powered demonstrator is pictured on O'Connell Street operating a 2 to Parnell Square. (11/01/99).

Photo 27- AV91 in 'Coastal Tours' livery is pictured at the Esplanade on Bray Seafront.

Photo 28 -
Donnybrook's RH145 wearing a half allover advert for 'Vodafone' is seen loading at Bray Dart Station on route 84A to Kilpedder.

Photo 29 - Donnybrook's RV524 is photographed operating the last 8 to Dalkey. (1407/01).

Photo 30 - Conyngham Road's AD5 in CitySwift livery is photographed turning onto Aton Quay on route 79.

Photo 31 -
Donnybrook's AD24 in experimental livery is seen on Bray Seafront.

Photo 32 - RH22 is pictured at Louth Commercials after sustaining some roof damage.

Photo 33 - Donnybrook's RV327 is seen on D'Olier Street in a striking all-over advertisement for 'LOTTO'. (April 2002).

Photo 34 -
Donnybrook's AV131 in an all-over advertisment for '98FM' is pictured at Cornelscourt shopping centre.

Photo 35 - Ex.Donnybrook's KC168 is pictured in Broadstone garage during it's conversion to schools bus service.

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