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Page Up-dated 23/10/13.

Dublin Bus withdrawn Leyland Olympians RH153, 89, 90, 91, 172, and 106 lined up in Broadstone Garage pending disposal. (28/09/06).


More RH1 photos here.


Phibsboro's RH1 the first of 640 Olympian's for Dublin Bus is pictured loading on Middle Abbey Street on a busy 39 to Coolmine Cross. (1990).


Broadstone's RH2 pictured on O'Connell Street Lower on the Official Dublin Bus 'City Tour'. (09/09/06).

RH4 (various liveries)






Phibsboro's brand new Leyland Olympian RH4 is pictured laying over at the 39/a/b/ terminus on Abbey Street. (1990).


Phibsboro's New RH5 pictured in Ballymun operating on route 220.

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The remains of RH6 parked in Broadstone garage. (17/06/09).

RH 7.


Privately preserved Leyland Olympian RH7 on the College wall at the old 15's terminus. (13/06/10).

Photo 2 - Ringsend's RH7 photographed at the 15's stop on the College wall. (1994)


Privately preserved RH7 is pictured at the 65 terminus at Ballyknockan, Wicklow. (13/06/10).

Privately preserved RH7 is pictured at the 65 terminus in Blessington, Co. Wicklow dressed for route 50A to Killinarden. (13/06/10).


Ringsend's RH7 photographed laying over in the Square Town Centre, Tallaght.


Ringsend's Wedding Bus RH9 photographed on Fleet operating on route 55 from St.Brendan's Cresent.


Ringsend's Leyland Olympian RH9 is pictured on south Great George's Street on route 83 to Kimmage. (11th June 2004).

Ringsend's RH10 In The Yard. (May 1997)


 Ringsend's RH12 pictured loading on the College wall operating a 15B to Templeogue.
See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site.

RH14 In Green @ St Stephen's Green May 1997.


Summerhill's RH20 photographed loading on O'Connell Street.

RH 23 IN 2000 Note the little side adverts on the front destination blinds.

RH 23 As She Is Today As A Tree-Topper June 2004


Summerhill's Leyland Olympian RH27 is pictured at the Swiss Cottage in Santry on a 41C to Abbey Street. (1990).
(Thanks to Shane Conway for information)


Summerhill's Leyland Olympian RH27 is seen loading at the 16/16A stop on O'Connell Street heading for Grange Road. (19th July 1999).

RH 31 @ Driving School Depot


Summerhill's 'Ghost Bus Tours' liveried RH31 and Darren Hall's preserved 1972 Leyland Atlantean D464 are pictured outside Clerys on O'Connell Street. (27th August 2011).

RH 32.

RH32 getting some attention in Broadstone garage. (14/05/08)


Phibsboro's RH32 is seen outside Clerys on route 38 to Abbey Street.

RH 34 a.o.a. For Pepsi-Cola 1999.


Phibsboro's Leyland Olympian RH39 with the Belfield Phoenix branding photographed loading on O'Connell Street Upper.

More Bus Photos on Darren Hall's Flickr Site Here.


Donnybrook's RH41 photographed in Hawkins Street with an all over Irish Rail wrap.

Photograph - Willie Fox - Dublin Bus.


Donnybrook's RH41 in an all over advertisement for Irish Rail is seen on O'Connell Street operating route 11 to Wadelai Park.


Donnybrook's RH41 in 'Wedding Livery' photographed loading on Hawkins Street, Dublin.(11/11/90).
And below photographed on South Mall, Cork now operating with Cronin's Tours. (03/08/10).

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RH45 on Hawkins street operating route 48a to Ballinteer. (20/09/97)

Photograph - John Durey

RH47 In An All-over Wrap For Irish Rail. (April 1997)

RH 52 Dublin Bus Uniform Bus.

RH52 in the new Dublin Bus livery. July 2007.

RH52 parked up in Broadstone garage. (13/03/08).


Clontarf's Leyland Olympian RH55 is seen laying over on Gardiner Street dressed for route 43. (1995)

RH 58 In Green Livery 12/01/97.

RH60 (26/06/05).

RH60 at the original 37 terminus on Villa Park, just off Blackhorse avenue. 26th July 2005.


Conyngham Road's Leyland Olympian RH61 is pictured laying over at the 79 terminus on Aston Quay. (December 2004).

RH 62 (ex-Clontarf) Route 83 Aug '04

RH 63 In Conyngham Road Garage 05/03/05.


Clontarf's RH64 in an all over advertisement for 'Harp Lager' seen loading on Abbey Street on a 31 to Howth.


Conyngham road's RH65 in Wedding Bus Livery photographed in the Phoenix Park Dublin (27/06/92).

View More Of Darren Hall's Work On His Flickr Site Here.

RH 67 Green.

RH68 Shortly After Being Withdrawn

Conyngham Road's RH71 Rear In Cityswift Livery. (1997)

RH71 Still In Service 29th June '05.

RH 74 In Green April '97

RH 74 In Blue/Cream Livery.

RH 75.

RH 76.

RH 77 In Green Livery April 1997.

RH 79.


Conyngham Road's RH80 is pictured at the 67A terminus on Abbey Street.

See more of Darren Hall's work on 

RH 81 In Wedding Livery April 1997. And Shortly Before She Was Sold On To A Private Dublin Operator.(2005)



Ex-Dublin Bus vehicles RH81now with 'Movies On The Move' providing canteen facilites on the set of 'Gold' starring Yvonne Keating are seen in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.
(6th February 2013).

RH 83.


Donnybrook's RH85 and preserved RA37 photographed at the 44 terminus, Enniskerry.

RH 86 In Test Livery.

RH 87 a.o.a. Coco-Cola.

RH89 In Donnybrook's yard. (10/12/05)


Donnybrook's Leyland Olympian RH93 operating a 3 to Larkhill loading on O'Connell Street. (19/10/96).


Donnybrook's RH93 on Burgh Quay, in an all-over advertisement for Philips.

RH 98 In Ringsend Garage May '97.


Ringsend's new RH104 is pictured loading at 50X stop on Astons Quay. (August 1991).


Front and Rear view of Ringsend's withdrawn RH105 & 106 in Broadstone garage. (20/05/06).

RH109 Out Of Storage To Operate The 77X. -06-09-06.

Ringsend's RH106 photographed on Eden Quay in an allover advertisement for Chef Sauce. (09/06/96).


Phibsboro's Leyland Olympian RH111 is pictured on Parnell Square East heading Southbound on a 121 to Drimnagh. (June 2004).

RH112 in Hawkins street on route 37. (19/11/04)

RH112 13/03/05 dressed for route 83.


Phibsboro's RH116 photographed in the yard in an all-over livery for '7up'.


RH116 in Standard Green Livery seen loading outside Clerys on O'Connell Street on a 22 to Drimnagh. (28/03/97).

Ex.Dublin Bus RH116 now with AMC coaches photographed at the Papal Cross, Phoenix Park. (11/11/09).


Phibsboro's RH121 pictured outside Clerys on O'Connell Street. (16/12/93).

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site



Phibsboro's Leyland Olympian RH121 is seen turning onto Abbey Street operating on route 34. (06/06/93).

Phibsboro's RH121 in an all-over Coca-Cola advertisement wrap working route 19a to Kelly's Corner. (07/03/98)


Phibsboro's Leyland Olympian RH121 in an all over Coca-Cola advertisement is pictured on O'Connell Street on a 22A to Drimnagh. (10th August 1996).



Phibsboro's RH123 in an all over advertisment for 'Heinz' photographed in Cabra working a 22 to Drimnagh.(06/06/98)


Phibsboro's RH123 photographed at the 37 terminus in Carpenterstown. (August 1995).


Phibsboro's RH123 with 'Brendan' behind the wheel is pictured on Aston Quay on a 172 to Dunard. (17th June 2005).


RH124 seen leaving Abbey Street operating a 70 to Dunboyne.

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site.

RH124 in Phibsboro garage.

20/02/06 in Broadstone garage.

RH 125 aoa For Heinz June 2004

RH125 in `Carlsberg` livery at the 37 terminus in Castleknock.

Photograph - Inspector Willie Fox Conyngham road garage.


Ex-Dublin Bus RH129 Now With Dualways Buses, Pictured Here In The Dualway Compound. (04/10/06)



Broadstone's leaning RH130 is pictured outside Trinity College. (30/09/11).


Summerhill based RH130 in CitySwift livery is seen on Parnell Square on a 16A to Nutgrove Avenue. (12th April 2005).

Ex-Summerhill RH132 Withdrawn In Broadstone Garage. (27/09/05)


Summerhill's RH134 photographed on Parnell Square East..

(Photograph - Darren Hall.)


Summerhill's RH134 on O'Connell Street on a 16A to Dublin Airport.(16/06/04).

RH137 In Broadstone Garage. (25/10/05)


Summerhill's RH140 is seen on the old Airport Road Santry operating a 33 to Skerries.

See more of Darren Hall's work on 


Summerhill's RH140 is seen on the old Airport Road Santry operating a 33 to Skerries.

See more of Darren Hall's work on 


Summerhill's Leyland Olympian RH142 is pictured passing Clerys on a 16 to Grange Road.


Ex-Donnybrook RH145 photographed Driving up Constitution Hill, Phibsboro. (11/10/06)

Photograph - Darren Hall.


Ex.Dublin Bus RH146 photographed at the Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park. (11/11/09).


Donnybrook's brand new RH146 is photographed in the Phoenix Park Dublin. (August 1992).

Donnybrook based RH148 in an experimental two tone green livery.(23/03/95)

Photo - Tony Cooney.


Donnybrook's RH149 photographed laying over at the Square Shopping Centre, Tallaght. (1992).

RH 150 One Of Donnybrook's Oldest Members. (10/04/05)

RH 151 On Route 63.(18/09/05)

RH151 On O'Connell Bridge - 22/09/06 On The 7.


Donnybrook's RH152 with improvised scrolls for route 155 Limekiln Avenue - College Street.(24/06/00).

RH157 Now A Trainer @ Phibsboro Driving School. (01/08/06)

Broadstone's RH158 On A Special Run Around South County Dublin. (13/08/07)

On Leeson Street On The 13B

Dun Laoghaire dressed for route 58C

On Route 75 At Foxrock Church.


Donnybrook's Leyland Olympian RH158 is pictured at the 46A stop on Leeson Street on a privately organised run in August 2007.

RH 159 @ Broadstone Garage Sept '04.


Broadstone's RH159 in an all-over 'ESSO' livery is pictured passing the Gresham Hotel on a 19A to Limekiln Avenue. (30/06/01).

Harristown's RH159 in the yard after a gallop on the 239. (27/08/06).

Harristown's RH159 posing in the garage dressed for route 17a. (28/08/06).

RH 160 @ Broadstone Sept '04.


Dublin Bus training school's RH160 parked up in Broadstone garage. (17/02/07).


Phibsboro's RH160 is seen loading at the 19 stop on South Great Georges Street heading for Bulfin Road. (7th June 2002).

Donnybrook's RH162 On Eden Quay On Toute 54A. (28/04/06)


Donnybrooks based Leyland Olympian RH162 is seen laying over at the the 145 terminus at Bray railway station. (26th August 2004).

RH 163.

RH163 In Phibsboro Garage 2005

RH163 In a Smarties All Over Wrap

RH163 Now Based In Broadstone Garage For Driver Training Services


Phibsboro's Leyland Olympian RH163 in an all-over Smarties livery is spotted on College Green on a 19A to Limekiln Avenue. (21st July 2001).


Donnybrook's RH163 photographed on Gardiner Row heading for Ballywaltrim on route 145. (09/02/06).

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site

One Of The Few Donnybrook RHs In Full Time Service Today, RH164 On Route 17 On Bangor Circle.(03/05/06)

RH 165 In Green Turning On To O'Connell Street. 12/01/97.

RH165 Withdrawn In Broadstone Garage.(28/02/06)

Harristown's RH166 On The 83. (30/06/06)


Harristown's RH166 photographed in the yard. (11/02/07)

RH167 Now Withdrawn In Broadstone Garage. (28/02/06)


Phibsboro's RH167 is pictured on O'Connell Street working a 38 to Ladyswell. (1996).


Ringsend's Leyland Olympian RH168 is pictured approaching the 83 terminus on College Street. (05/10/02).

Ringsend's RH168 On Eden Quay.(28/04/05)

RH171 On The 50X. (19/04/06)

RH172 withdrawn from service and parked in Broadstone. (02/06/06)

RH173 Green.


Ringsend's RH173 en-route to Killinarden, Tallaght on route 65B.

Photograph  Part Of The Darren Collection.
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