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Page Up-dated 07/04/16.

On 7th December 2006 VT3 Became The First Of Twenty Volvo B9TL Tri-Axle Buses To Arrive At Donnybrook Garage For Dublin Bus.

Below Are Some Pictures Of VT 3 And VT4 In Donnybrook Garage Before Entering Service.

VT1 -20 Vehicle Details Are As Follows.

Passenger Capicity : 57 Upper saloon, 35 Or 34 Seated Passenger Lower Saloon, 1 Wheelchair User And 27 Standees In The Lower Saloon.

Height 4393 (14`5")

Length 11,992 (39`4")

Width 2510 (8`3")

ENGINE TYPE ::Volvo D9A300, 6 Cylinder, Turbocharged, Interecooled. Euro3.

Power :300hp @1900 rpm.

VT1 In Donnybrook Garage.(08/01/06)


Donnybrook's Enviro 500 VT1 is pictured on Parnell Square East. (22nd November 2010).


Donnybrook's VT2 pictured at the 84X terminus in Newcastle, County Wicklow. (27/05/11).


Donnybrook's VT2 photographed at Heuston Station. (27/05/11).

VT3 Side View.


Donnybrook's VT3 is pictured loading on O'Connell Street on a 46A to Kingstown. (26th April 2012).

14th December. Donnybrook's VT3, Ready For A Test Run.


Donnybrook's Enviro500 VT3 on Parnell Square East operating a 46A to DĂșn Laoghaire. (21/07/07).

VT3 On O'connell St.(04/08/06)


Donnybrook's Enviro 500 VT4 on O'Connell Street heading southbound on the 46A.(01/10/08).

VT4 Cab Area.


VT4 Lower Saloon Area.

VT4 Upper Saloon.

VT4 Side View.

VT4 Rear

VT6 Donnybrook Garage. (08/01/06)

VT 7. Donnybrook Garage. (08/01/06)


Donnybrook's VT7 is one of the first to receive a Super Rear advertisement for 'The Human Body Exhibition' at the Ambassador. (09/02/12).


Donnybrook's Enviro 500 VT7 is pictured on Parnell Square East operating a 46b to Sandyford industrial estate. (21/07/07).


Donnybrook's Enviro500 VT8 seen loading on O'Connell Street.


Donnybrook's VT8 is pictured loading on Nassau Street on a 46A to Dun Laoghaire. (21/07/07).

See more of Darren Hall's work on 

VT 9.


VT9 is seen turning on Parnell Square East heading South to Dun Laoghaire. (21st July 2007).

VT10 WorksThe 46a On O'Connell Street. (30/07/06)


Donnybrook's First generation Enviro500 VT11 is pictured laying over on the N11 awaiting the 09:20 145 departure to Heuston Station. (13/02/12).

December. Donnybrook's VT11 The Latest Arrival At Broadstone For P.D.I.(14/12/05)



Donnybrook's VT11 is passing the real Christmas tree on O'Connell Street on a 46a to Dun Laoghaire. (22/12/05).



Donnybrook's VT12 seen operating route 46A to Mountjoy Square. (10/06/10).

Donnybrook's VT12 on temporary loan to Phibsboro garage. (02/12/07)


Donnybrook's VT13 seen passing AV350 at the 45A Ballywaltrim terminus. (17/06/11).

VT14. Donnybrook Garage. (08/01/06)


Donnybrook's VT14 parked at Heuston station operating route 46E to Belfield. (10/02/10).


Donnybrook's VT15 photographed laying over at Heuston Station. (27/06/11).


VT15 photographed on Parnell Square East heading for Dun Laoghaire on route 46A. (31/08/07).

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site

VT16. Donnybrook Garage.(08/01/06)


Photo 1 - Donnybrook's VT16 pictured at the 46A terminus on Infirmary Road.(29/06/11).



Donnybrook's Enviro500 VT17 is seen loading at the 46A stop on Marine Road in Dun Laoghaire. (3th September 2012)


Donnybrook's VT18 On A Garage Specification Visit To Phibsboro Garage. (17/04/07)


Donnybrook's VT19 is pictured on Victoria Quay on a 145 to Heuston Station. (23/03/12).

VT20 On Route 172... Never!


Donnybrook's VT20 photographed on the North Circular Road on the infamous 46A to Dun Laoghaire. (24/04/11).


VT21 - 70 Vehicle Details Are As Follows.

Passenger Capicity : 57 Upper saloon, 36 Or 35 Seated Passenger Lower Saloon, 1 Wheelchair User And 27 Standees In The Lower Saloon.

Height 4393 (14`5")

Length 12,215 (40`2")

Width 2510 (8`3")

Wheelbase 5590 (8'1")

ENGINE TYPE ::Volvo D9B310hp, 6 Cylinder, Turbocharged, Interecooled. Euro4.

Power :310hp @1700 rpm.

VT21 upon arrival at Broadstone garage. (20/06/08

VT 21 parked outside Broadstone garage. (24/08/08)


Broadstone's Volvo Enviro500 VT21 laying over at Grange Castle Terminus of route 51b. (12/09/10).


VT21 photographed on Baggot Street operating route 66X Louisa Bridge - Belfield. (17/06/10).


Broadstone's Volvo Enviro500 VT21 laying over at Grange Castle Terminus of route 51b. (12/09/10).

Phibsboro's VT22 operating route 38a Hawkins street to Damastown. (08/03/08)


Donnybrook's VT22 is pictured loading at the 46A northside terminus on Infirmary Road. (20/01/12).


VT22 upon return from a run on route 33x to a frosty Broadstone garage. (04/01/10).


 Donnybrook's VT22 is seen working a 46A to Dun Laoghaire on O'Connell Street during heavy snowfall. (2nd December 2010).



Donnybrook's freshly painted VT23 is pictured turning off Batchelors Walk operating a 145 to Kilmac. (04/11/11).

See more of Darren Hall's work on 


Broadstone based VT23 is pictured laying over on the N4 Lucan by-pass ready to operate the 07:45 25X Xpresso service to Belfield. (8th June 2009).


Donnybrook's VT24 pictured at platform 10, Heuston station ready to operate a 53B. (12/05/11).


Broadstone's VT25 laying over on Easton Road, Leixlip awaiting the 07:50 departure to Waterloo Road. (11/08/09).


Donnybrook's freshly painted VT25 stands in the yard for inspection. (11/12/10).


Ex-Broadstone's VT25 photographed operating it's final journey on route 25X to Waterloo Road. (24/09/10)


Broadstone's Enviro 500 VT25 photographed on College Green working route 67a to Maynooth.(09/04/10).

VT25. (06/12/07)

The drivers cab area of VT25, much the same as the EV enviro 400 cab.


Donnybrook's VT25 just back from Freeney's after a repaint is seen in the yard at Donnybrook Garage. (11th December 2011).


VT25 at the 66AX terminus at Captains Hill, Leixlip Co. Kildare. (20/07/09)


Broadstone's VT25 is pictured at the 66BX terminus at Captain's Hill, Leixlip. (02/07/09).


Broadstone's VT25 photographed laying over at Adamstown train station. (26/04/09).


Broadstone's VT25 is pictured at the Easton Road terminus of now withdrawn route 66D. (11/08/09.)


Broadstone's VT26 pictured at the 67X terminus at the Salesian College, Celbridge. (27/02/09).


Broadstone's VT26 photographed outside the Salesian College, Celbridge awaiting an early morning 67X departure to Waterloo Road. (27/02/09).


Broadstone's VT27 at Esker church, terminus of the 25a. (11/08/08)


Donnybrook's VT27 is seen at Woodbrook ready to operate a 145 short to Heuston Station. (23th December 2015).

VT27 operating the Heuston sister routes 91/92. (16/09/08)


Broadstone's VT28 photographed at the 25X Adamstown terminus, Lucan, complete with *new* scrolls. (10/07/09).

VT28 in Broadstone garage. (06/12/07)


VT28 laying over at Leeson Street Bridge. (28/07/09).


Broadstone's VT28 at the 51B terminus at Grangecastle.(03/07/09).

Broadstone VT28 was a regular on the 51b/c in the afternoons and is seen here at the Grangecastle terminus in July 3th 2009.


Donnybrook's VT28 is pictured stripped down and repaneled awaiting a repaint (16/02/12), and below it's seen at Heuston Station with it new paint job. (28/02/12).


Pictured at platform 10 at Heuston Station is Donnybrook's VT29 being one of the few VT's able to display route 61. (17/08/11).


Broadstone's VT29 photographed at the 46c terminus at Cherrywood. (19/10/09)


Donnybrook's Enviro500 VT29 makes an appearance on route 18 and is seen laying over at the 18 terminus on the old Lucan Road in Palmerstown.


Broadstone based at the time is VT29 seen laying over on St.Stephen's Green awaiting the 17:05 67X departure to Celbridge. (17/02/09).


Broadstone's VT30 displaying WH1's scroll information photographed in Balgaddy, Clondalkin. (02/04/09).



Donnybrook's VT30 is pictured at the 145 terminus at Heuston Station. (19/12/11).


Broadstone based VT30 awaiting the 16:40 67X departure to Celbridge. (22/01/10).

VT31. (06/12/07)


Donnybrook's VT31 at the Kilmacanogue terminus of route 145, ready to operate a short to Donnybrook Church. (27/04/11).


Donnybrook's VT31 seen with the new mega-side advert for 'Johnny English'. (20/09/11).


Broadstone based VT31 photographed at the 67X terminus, Salesian College, Celbridge. (31/08/09).

Newly delivered VT32 in Broadstone garage. (08/12/07)

VT32 photographed in Belfield after operating the 07:55 66AX from Captain's Hill. (07/01/09)


Operating on Donnybrook route 46E Broadstone based VT32 photographed at Heuston Station. (10/08/09).


Brand new Volvo Enviro 500 VT33 on display in Broadstone garage. (16/12/07).


Donnybrook's VT33 is seen at the 145 terminus at Heuston Station with a mega-side for 'Aviva Insurance'. (14/10/11).


Phibsboro's VT33 photographed at the 67A terminus in Maynooth. (16/10/10).


 Phibsboro's brand new VT33 is pictured on D'Olier Street with New Year greetings on display. (16th December 2007).

Photo 2 - Ringsend's EV3 on route 2 and Phibsboro's new VT33 are seen on O'Connell Street. (16th December 2007)


Donnybrook's Enviro 500 VT34 photographed at Heuston Station working route 145. (13/09/11).

VT34 in Broadstone garage. (20/12/07)


Broadstone's VT34 in Belfield ready to operate route (short)116 Belfield - Parnell Square (08/10/10).


Donnybrook's Enviro500 VT35 pictured laying over at the 45 terminus in Oldcourt, Bray. (02/06/11)


Donnybrook's VT35 pictured departing Townsend street on route 44 to Enniskerry. (01/06/11)
- photo Gavin Ward.


onnybrook's VT35 on Merrion Square ready to operate the 06:30 45 service to Oldcourt. (02/06/11).

VT38 in Damastown operating route 38. (07/06/08)

VT41 in Broadstone garage. (02/01/08)

VT42 upon arrival at Broadstone depot, Dublin. (16/01/08)


Phibsboro's VT42 coming over Sally's Bridge on route 121. (02/08/09)


Phibsboro's VT42 operating a duty on route 121 Drimnagh - Cabra.(02/08/09).

Phibsboro's VT43 in the I.B.M. complex, Damastown on route 38.(07/06/08)


Dublin Bus VT44 out of service in the yard. (09/10/09).

VT46 (02/01/08)


Phibsboro's Volvo Enviro 500 VT47 photographed laying over on Luke Street. (07/10/09)


Phibsboro's Enviro 500 VT48 leaving Hawkins Street on route 39 to Ongar. (25/02/08).

VT52 15/02/08

VT52 upon arrival at Broadstone garage. (15/02/08)

VT52 operating route 236 Blanchardstown centre - Tyrellstown. (03/04/08)

VT58 operating route 236, Tyrellstown. (31/12/08)


Phibsboro's VT60 photographed in the yard leaning slightly to the left. (05/09/08)


Broadstone's VT61 Photographed at the 39 terminus in Ongar. (28/08/10).

Phibsboro's VT61 waits at Ongar ready to operate a 39 short to Westmoreland Street. (28/08/08).

VT64 upon delivery at Dublin Bus. (14/03/08)

VT68.( 03/06/09)

Phibsboro based VT68 turning onto Parnell Square operating route 38A to Damastown. (03/06/09).

VT69 in Broadstone garage. (28/03/08)

VT69 up near the bank in Broadstone garage. (28/03/08)

VT69 on Upr. O'Connell St. on route 38. (13/08/08)

VT70 (27/03/08)


Phibsboro's VT70 photographed outside Broadstone depot on a special 81 run to Bangor Road. (06/04/08).


Phibsboro's VT70 seen at the 81 terminus on Bangor Road on a special commemorative 81 run. (06/04/08).
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